Spiral is Track 1 from the Spiral EP, released on the 21st August 2013.

Pioneers is Track 2 from the Spiral EP, released on the 21st August 2013

Burned Out is Track 3 from the Spiral EP, released on the 21st August 2013

The Fall is Track 4 from the Spiral EP, released on the 21st August 2013

I was strongly moved to write a song about what the media dubbed the 'Arab Spring' that began in December 2010.

Deep Enough is one of the first songs I ever wrote - leading up to the time I started writing it I had been starting work on many songs and concepts only to push them aside, unhappy with the result

It had always been a dream of mine to live in the city, it was always electric and there was always something unique going on.

After I left school, I saw less and less of the people I'd come to know so well.


We'll Be Forgotten was inspired by a number of people I've crossed paths with in my life who are simply unable to look at 'the bigger picture' and enjoy themselves.


The title for this song actually came from a friend of mine who had been taking a listen to some of the new material that I had recently recorded at the time.


Sometimes, there is a period after a relationship ends which is a somewhat 'dark time', before time finally completes its job of patching us up and letting us know 'it's ok now, you can get back ou


When we trust someone, we can forget to keep our eyes and ears open. If something goes bad, when we eventually find out it can overwhelm us in the form of a massive reality check.


Michelle is pretty much about a workaholic; I used to have a friend who was always working, and if she wasn't working she would be talking about work, and when she said nothing it was because she w


This song is about self-reinvention; someone attempting to work against their own demons that they have decided have held them back for too long, distorting their view of reality.


To me, it's strange how it's possible to meet someone who is able to completely change your perspective on life by simply entering into it, to the point that you feel like everything that has happe


Broken Things is a semi-autobiographical song that tells the story of an experience which I think most of us have probably had at some point.


It seems like a fairly modern phenomenon to me that so many people feel the need to build a multitude of emotional fences in order to prevent themselves being hurt in the long run, unable to easily